FLGS Spotlight: Guardian Games

All of us here at Imp House feel a lot of love for the FLGSs (Friendly Local Game Stores) out there! These stores help connect gamers from all walks of life and give them a safe place to gather and discover new games together. One of our all-time favorites is Guardian Games in Portland, OR. This was the first store to place an order with us, back in 2013 when we were living and creating in Portland. Since 2005, Angel May, the store’s owner, has made it her mission to create a space 100% dedicated to gaming of all varieties. GG is not your typical comic / game store hybrid; it is over 10,000 square feet of pure gaming space complete with The Critical Sip, a 21-and-up gaming bar and lounge. Continue reading below for more information from Angel about her journey, and you can find out more on the Guardian Games website. This place definitely deserves a visit if you are ever in the Portland area!

Imp House: You’ve created a wondrous temple to board gaming in the heart of Portland, OR. When did your idea take hold, and how did you accomplish it so well?
Guardian Games: I was ready to start gaming again. And there were no stores that fit my needs (clean bathrooms, primarily).
Imp House: Your nightly events play host to a healthy congregation of tabletop worshippers. What are some of the most popular and unique events hosted at Guardian Games?
Guardian Games: Magic definitely. But equally popular are private groups playing rpgs and board games. Magic is the big one though.
Imp House: The retail world is sometimes a difficult journey, but there are many positives along the way. What is your favorite thing about being the owner of a large game store?
Guardian Games: I love to make people happy, so it is a good fit for me.
Imp House: The paths of our lives are twisted, and sometimes we wind up where we least expected. If you weren’t running a games shop, what would you be doing instead?
Guardian Games: I would have a Lego part business.
Imp House: Being a small business owner is non-stop. Do you ever get a chance to sneak away and dive into a game? If so, what’s your current go-to game of choice?
Guardian Games: Current fave is Mythic Vale. Great new mechanic. Short games.

February 16, 2017