Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos

Fate of Fantos

Card Game

3-6 Players
Ages: 12+
Game Design: Darth Rimmer & Travis Watkins
Artist: Michael LaRiccia

We’re looking for board gamers around the world to help us playtest our new card game, Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos!

We are conducting our playtest sessions multiple times a week using the online digital platform It’s free to playtest, and you do not need to sign up or buy anything from Tabletopia in order to participate. All you will need is a computer with an up-to-date web browser (either Firefox or Safari), an internet connection, and your playtesting hat. Tabletopia runs through a link provided by us in your web browser. Before you can play, you might need to download and install a couple free browser plugins so Tabletopia can run properly.

Some of you may be wondering why we are playing board games online instead of in-person on a table. The answer is simple: testing our game online through Tabletopia allows for us as creators to play the game with people all over the world from the comfort of their own homes. It gives us much more scheduling flexibility when trying to fit gaming sessions into the busy lives of our team of playtesters.

When you sign up to playtest, you will be contacted by Imp House to get scheduled and ready to go. On playtesting days, we will email a web link to the online Savage Planet demo table, plus we will post it on the Savage Planet Facebook Group. Players will be able to talk with each other using the free software download from Gamevox. Playtest sessions will typically take about 2 hours (a bit more for first time players still learning the rules).

To join our growing group of playtesters send us an Email or message us through Facebook and tell us a little about yourself, including:

  1. Your experience as a playtester.
  2. The average size of your gaming group on any given game night.
  3. What types of games you typically tend to enjoy the most.
  4. Your physical location.
  5. The days with blocks of time that you are usually free to play.

Let’s make some mischief!