Savage Planet: The Fate of Fantos

Fate of Fantos

Card Game

3-6 Players
Ages: 12+
Game Design: Darth Rimmer & Travis Watkins
Artist: Michael LaRiccia


For millennia, the Feral existed in peace with Fantos. Iridium was mined out of necessity, not greed. When the Tempest opened, the Cult saw weakness and opportunity. Scherezade, the young queen of Fantos, sent her Vizier to broker an uneasy alliance with the Cult. Driven by greed and power, the Vizier betrayed his people, selling them to the Cult as Iridium-mining slaves. Over time, a deadly gas from the Iridium Fields blanketed the Feral Citadel. Those that survived faced horrible deformities and mutations. Scherezade, long thought dead, spent years in hiding to recruit and train her rebellion. Now, with Fantos in peril, she has returned to free her people from their Cult oppressors.




The Enlightened do not know where they come from, nor do they know why they are living on Fantos. They have no memory of their past. What they do know is that they are not of the living or dead. They are androids, and they wish to find their creator. They are constantly searching for clues to their origin, and believe buried somewhere in the native Fantos history is a clue to it.









The Cult are clever reptilian creatures from another dimension. They came to the Savage Planet through a swirling whirlpool called the Tempest that has created a one way portal from their world to Fantos. When they entered the portal they believed they were transcending, and when they came out they were reborn. Now they worship the Tempest and require all the iridium Fantos has in order to share the glory with all.








The Hollow are gaseous iridium vampires who travel the cosmos sucking up iridium gas wherever they may find it. When they discovered the dying Fantos, they made a home in the northern ice mazes. Most do not care for The Hollow, they find them to be parasitic and untrustworthy.










The Marked are a powerful race from a nearby planet. They did not come to Fantos by choice, but were kidnapped, branded, shackled and enslaved by the Cult. The Cult’s plan was to have them work the iridium fields for them, but on the journey back to Fantos, the Marked broke free and overtook the Cult ship. Not knowing how to pilot the ship, the Marked crashed into mountainous forest area of Fantos, and have made a home their.








The Overseers are protectors of the cosmos and are in service to the Cosmic Warden, Zodraz. Not much is known about them, but it is believed they were carved by Zodraz from the most purest iridium in all existence and were then brought to life using a power harnessed from 1,000 black holes. Granted extraordinary abilities such as flight and telekinesis, all of the Overseers possess unique abilities that range from weather control to telepathy.