Savage Planet Design Log: War

The fall harvest is over, and we have celebrated with a few fine days of sloth and gluttony. Now it’s time to get back to business and discuss the next possible Fantos Action: War.


Before we get down to the nitty gritty of a battle there is one important thing to know: during regular play, War is always directed toward the Citadel on your LEFT. So, it may be a good idea to don your diplomat monocle and make friends with the Citadel on your right. That way, when you’re out Harvesting or decide to go to battle, leaving your home undefended, maybe they’ll leave you alone…


It’s time to raise your banners, sharpen your blades, and kiss your loved ones goodbye…because War is coming. This Fantos Action works similarly to Harvesting, just with little extra math involved. Like Harvesting, when a Citadel goes to War, it Tasks one, some, or all of its Legacies to the battle. War then occurs in 5 steps:

1. Gather Your Army: The attacking Citadel can task any number of their currently un-tasked Legacies to go to war. Then, the defending Citadel can task any number of their un-tasked Legacies to defend but is not required to do so.

Important notes about DEFENDING against War:

    • Legacies that were previously tasked prior to the start of War are not able to defend their Citadel.
    • If the defending Citadel chooses not to task any Legacies to the War, then they may defend by rolling 1 Shard Die one time. The result is its final War Score.

2. Create Your War Score: The attacking and defending Citadels individually add up all of the war stats for each of their Legacies tasked to the war, creating a War Stat Sum for each Citadel. Then, they roll 1 Shard Die for each of their warring Legacies, and add the War Stat Sum to the die rolls results to create their War Scores. Legacies may now choose to hire Laborers to boost their War Scores if they hold any Labor Cards that would do so.

3. Compare War Score and Establish a Damage Score: The attacking and defending Citadels compare their War Scores; the higher score is the winner. Subtract the losing score from the winning score to create the Damage Score. Once a Damage Score is established, Legacies may no longer hire Laborers to assist.

4. Allocation of Damage: The losing Citadel must now remove the corresponding number of shards from its Legacies. A player may disperse the damage across any or all of its Legacies that were tasked to the War. If a Legacy’s shards are depleted during war, they are placed in the Legacy discard pile. If all of the losing Citadel’s Legacy shards are depleted but damage still remains, it will be paid from the Citadel (see #5: Spoils of War Awarded). All damage taken by a Legacy in battle is awarded to the winning player’s Citadel.

5. Spoils of War Awarded: If the losing Citadel’s Legacy shards are depleted during War, any excess damage is taken from the Citadel itself. The winning player is rewarded a shard from the damaged Citadel for each point of excess damage dealt. The Spoils of War are added to the winning player’s Citadel.

Here’s an example:

The attacking Citadel tasks their Knight and Executioner to war.



The defending Citadel chooses to task their Arbalester, Reeve, and Shirazad to defend.



The attacking Citadel’s Knight has a War Stat of 3, and the Executioner a 2, giving a War Stat Sum of 5.



The defending Citadel’s Arbalester has a War Stat of 2, the Reeve a 1, and the Shirazad a 3, giving a War Stat Sum of 6.



Each Citadel rolls the Shard Die once for each Legacy tasked to War. The attacking Citadel rolls a 1 and a 1, giving them a War Score of 7.



The defending Citadel rolls a 1, a 1, and a 2, giving them a War Score of 10.



The defending Citadel is the winner and is owed 3 shards from the attacking Legacies.



The attacking Citadel decides to award 1 shard from the Executioner and 2 shards from the Knight to the defending Citadel.

The Legacies from both Citadels remain tasked until the start of the players’ next turns.


It’s now time to let the dust settle and tend to our wounds. In our next Design Log, we’ll review the Tribute Fantos Action. (We promise to leave Katniss out of it; she’s been through enough.)

Until next time…keep playing games and making mischief.

-Travis Watkins, Leader of The Imps




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December 9, 2016